The GOING in horse racing is the description given about the ground at a certain racecourse. It is measured by the clerk of the course at the racetrack and is determined by the amount of moisture in the ground. It is actually a vitally important metric for trainers, jockeys and punters to gauge conditions before the start of a race. It relates to the firmness of the ground the horses run on. The more moisture in the ground, the softer or slower the going. The drier the ground, the firmer or faster the going becomes. Horses can prefer a softer or firmer ground.

The going is a term that you will hear a lot in racing. Horses can race on all sorts of ground, with different ones preferring different types. Some horses are specialists on a particular going. Whereas others may be adaptable to different conditions and run effectively on various going types. There are 6 main different types of going, which is the:

FIRM - it is one of the preferred types of Going. Firm ground is often found in the summer season because the racing surface is very dry and it means horses can run faster and often results in the quickest race times.

GOOD TO FIRM - the slower side of firm. Also a dry ground but if the ground gets too firm then the staff will likely add water to soften it up.

GOOD - most common type of ground and arguably the fairest for the majority of horses. There is less moisture in the ground and horses generally run freer. Most horses are adept at running on good ground.

SOFT - this surface is much harder for horses to run on and, as the ground is deeper and moister, horses run much slower. Some horses love running on soft ground, while others labour with the conditions beneath them.

GOOD TO SOFT - mostly good ground but which is also holding a fair bit of water. It is common at the beginning of the flat racing season and then again at the end of it, when the weather is more likely to be a bit wet but still have enough dryness around.

HEAVY - often described as a ‘bog’, with reference to how slow this surface rides. These conditions are difficult for horses to run in and those with stamina will likely fare better here. It is often very wet and hard to run on as the water soaks into the ground. That's why racehorse's stamina is really test and only very few horses relish this type of ground.

Some horses can only run on certain types of surfaces and much of this due to the action of the individual horse. A horse which doesn’t pick its knees up much and runs with a 온라인경마 faster action is more likely to excel on a faster surface. Obviously, there are exceptions to the rule and some horses will run their races on any surface, so it’s best to check the racecard for each individual horse to check their runs on other surfaces.